All business decisions should be based on data. Our analysis services provide the critical information for tough decisions and planning

Website Security Audit

The website security audit will provide assurance your website is protected against popular attacks or surface vulnerabilities before a disaster strikes. Protect your business, don’t let a breach impact revenue and reputation. The smallest hacks can wipe you off search results, turn customers away, and affect your business for months. Contact us to get started.

Technology Audit

A general audit to understand how technology is utilized at an organization. Does it align with industry standards? Where can a piece of technology be introduced or improved to make a process more efficient? We start the audit with an initial interview and quote. Developing into areas to address, a S.W.O.T.(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and decision matrix is built for each area. The audit can drive a technology road map and identify many areas of improvement. Contact us to get started.

Integration Architecture – Marketing

To create a comprehensive analysis of the client’s existing technology assets, identifying how they interact, and mapping the architecture in a systematic way to better understand opportunities and risks. In addition, identify areas of opportunity in relation to all the systems in use and how best to achieve the organization’s marketing goals. Contact us to get started.


  • Technical Inventory Sheet
  • Technology Map
  • Marketing Goal Gap Assessment
  • Recommendations Narrative